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Arizona Tile Just Design Custom Waterjet Program

Posted by in Bathroom Tile Projects,Dining Room Tiling Projects,Family Living Room Projects,Kitchen Tile & Slab Projects | April 4, 2015

The Arizona Tile Just Design Custom Waterjet program allows you to create a custom product from many beautiful design options. By using the unique design capabilities in this program, you’ll be able to add instant character to any design plan.

With our waterjet cutting process, precisely cut edges are created with a computerized waterjet utilizing the most advanced technology. This enables the creation of curved lines and intricate details in many materials, resulting in endless possibilities for elegant, one-of-a-kind designs.

How it Works

Just Design - Waterjet Cut Custom Tile

Just Design – Waterjet Cut Custom Tile

With our online design tool, you’re able to browse through more than 90 waterjet designs to create a customized product. The extensive collections in our Just Design Custom Waterjet program are available via special order and include:

• Backsplashes – Select from 13 designs

• Feature Walls – 13 designs are available

• Listelles – Select from seven design options

• Medallions – Choose from eight porcelain medallion designs and 19 stone medallion options

• Mosaics – Options include 13 porcelain mosaic designs and 19 stone mosaic designs

After you’ve created your designs online, you can save multiple versions and review or make changes anytime you like. Once you’ve decided on the design you want produced, contact an Arizona Tile sales representative to place your order. Our production lead-time is approximately three to four weeks.

What are you waiting for? Create your own design using our Just Design tool now!

For additional information or to place an order, stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to speak with one of our professionally trained consultants.

2015 Tile Trends

Posted by in Backsplash,Ceramic Tiles,Glass Tiles,Mosaics,Natural Stone,Porcelain Tiles | March 28, 2015
Stainless Steel Mosaics from Arizona Tile

Featured Image:  Stainless Steel Mosaics from Arizona Tile

2015 is proving to be a year where we’re seeing several wonderful trends in tile design and use. Here are the most popular styles we’re seeing this year that will continue to be big throughout 2015.

Planks for Floors

Plank tile is a big trend for flooring this year. And we’re not just talking about one or two specific types of plank tiles. All sizes and looks of planks are in demand, from contemporary to traditional. Wood, fabric, modern, bamboo…if it’s plank, it’s in.

For gorgeous looks like wood tile planks, see our Aequa Series, Club Series and Savannah Series tiles. They will not disappoint!

Unique Tiles for Walls and Backsplashes

2015 walls and backsplashes are anything but boring! There are numerous attractive designs using tiles in unique sizes, shapes and patterns. Below are the tile trends we’re seeing over and over this year that promise to continue to be popular.

• Large format tile in various organic shapes in both concrete and wood patterns.

• Moroccan tiles, with their bold colors being highly utilized in accent décor, are making a comeback this year.

• If it’s a pattern, it’s in style, with Chevron and Herringbone being at the top of the list. We’re seeing many uses of patterns on both stone and porcelain, including patterned accent tiles like those in our Cementine Series.

• Geometric shapes, such as larger scale hexagons, are quickly becoming a much loved look for interior design projects.

• Dimensional tile with stronger textures and fabric looks.

• Metallic look tile, whether in stainless steel or mineral, continues to be in demand. Penny rounds in particular are hot in glass or color blends in metal or porcelain.

Subway tile has been a top tile look and continues to be in style this year. With its classic look, we don’t think subway will be going away anytime soon!

Bevel Cotton and Curava Savaii Recycled Glass from our Bevel Subway Series

Bevel Cotton from our Bevel Subway Series and Curava Savaii Recycled Glass Countertop

With all of these appealing styles comes a multitude of fun and creative uses for tile, whether in floors, walls, backsplashes or other projects. 2015 is certainly an exciting year for tile!

To see the wide selection of tile and slab we have available, stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to speak with one of our professionally trained consultants. They’ll be happy to help you decide on the perfect style for your interior design project.

2015 Kitchen Design Trends

Posted by in Backsplash,Ceramic Tiles,Commercial Tile & Slabs,Countertop,Glass Tiles,Mosaics,Natural Stone,Porcelain Tiles,Quartz Slabs | January 24, 2015
Islandia Barbados Chevron Glass and Lyskamm Quartz from Arizona Tile

Featured Image: Islandia Barbados Chevron Glass and Lyskamm Quartz

Every year brings along exciting new design trends and, with so much time being spent in the kitchen, they are one of the best rooms to update with some new features, whether large or small. Let’s look at four kitchen design trends that are going to be big in 2015.


Sandalus Granite Baroque Peperino Mosaics

Sandalus Granite Countertop with Baroque Peperino Mosaic Backsplash

One of the kitchen trends this year will be to add more color and liveliness with cheerful backsplashes, lighting and appliances. Mosaics will be popular for backsplash design, providing beautiful, eye-catching details that add elegance to an otherwise ordinary kitchen.

In 2015, stone and glass mosaics will be trendy, offering alternatives to the usual and expected mosaic designs. Stone mosaics will feature specialty shaped tiles such as ovals, triangles, and hexagons, with glass mosaics displaying rectangular tiles, among other shapes.

Gray and Neutral Combinations

Gray will continue to be in demand this year, along with neutrals such as taupe and beige. The combination of these colors, such as gray and beige, is going to be a color scheme frequently used in 2015 kitchen designs. Think of mixing these colors for countertops, walls and cabinets to create a light, spacious atmosphere.



Featuring Black

Galaxy Black Granite Countertops by Arizona Tile

Galaxy Black Granite Countertop


Black is going to be on of 2015’s go-to colors in kitchen design. Black is an elegant, sleek choice, especially for those who may be looking to break away from the more traditional brightly colored kitchens.

Selecting black cabinetry or countertops is an easy and simple way to incorporate this classic, sophisticated color into your kitchen.


Textured Materials

Kitchens in 2015 will feature more textured and tactile materials. Natural marble and granite with honed finishes, along with fabricated stones made to replicate raw finishes, will be seen again and again. Incorporating these materials, similar to the Ivory Split 3D Stack Travertine, adds a touch of luxury to any kitchen.

To learn more about kitchen design and how you can incorporate some of these 2015 trends into your kitchen, stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to speak with one of our professionally trained consultants.

Just Design from Arizona Tile Makes Creating Your Custom Product Easier than Ever

Posted by in Backsplash,Mosaics,Natural Stone,Porcelain Tiles,Tile | November 8, 2014

Arizona Tile’s Just Design makes creating a product that is uniquely yours, easy and fun. Our design tool allows you to browse through more than 70 designs to create a custom product. Then, once you choose your design, you can select from more than 60 porcelain, 27 natural stone, 2 antique mirror and 4 glass colors that will bring your vision to life.

Arizona Tile Just Design Tool

Arizona Tile Just Design Tool

The collection is made up of the following products:

Feature Wall & Backsplash Patterns – Just Design features 13 backsplash and feature wall patterns each, as well as a variety of grout colors. Products to choose from include antique mirror, glass, porcelain and natural stone.

• Listelles – Select from seven design options as well as a variety of stones, including granite, limestone, marble and travertine.

• Stone Medallions – These include 15 Waterjet designs, three Waterjet/Mosaic combinations and one Mosaic design.

• Porcelain Medallions – Choose from eight Waterjet designs.

• Stone & Porcelain Mosaics – These features allow you to choose from 19 Stone Mosaic design options and 14 Porcelain Mosaic options.

Eramosa Ice Porcelain Medallion

Harmony Medallion: Eramosa Ice, Clay & Natural Porcelain

Simply click on the type of product in which you’re interested and then the design that catches your eye. Once you do that, you can see what the pattern will look like in whatever type of surface you prefer. For example, when you click the “Feature Wall” option and then click on the “Gem” pattern, you can view how it would look in nine different styles of granite, seven styles of limestone, 15 styles of marble and four types of travertine. You will also see two antique mirror styles and four glass styles.

Kitchen Links Imperial Danby Marble 6

Links: Manhattan & Brown Serpeggiante Marble

Just Design users can save multiple versions of one design and view a list of all applied products whenever you like. Once you have chosen the design you want produced, contact an Arizona Tile sales representative to place your order. Lead time for production is typically three to four weeks.

Ribbon Natural Stone Feature Wall

Ribbon Feature Wall: Calacatta Gold Marble & Antique Mirror Silver

Get started on your custom look at Just Design today!

Thassos White Polished Marble, Antique Mirror Silver, Artiste Waterjet

Artiste Waterjet Medallions: Thassos White Polished Marble & Antique Mirror Silver


Granite, Travertine, Slate, Marble… The Beauty And Depth Of Natural Stones

Posted by in Backsplash,Countertop,Granite Tile & Slabs,Marble Tile & Slabs,Natural Stone,Slab,Tile,Tile & Slab Remodeling,Tile Flooring,Travertine Tile & Slabs | August 16, 2014
Natural Stone Slabs

Featured Image: Natural Stone Slabs

If you want to add a unique look to your home – something that no one else has – then look no further than natural stone for your floors, countertops, backsplashes and walls. How can that be, you say?

Because natural stone is created and quarried from the earth, no two pieces are alike. So even if you and your neighbor get the same type of travertine or granite from the exact same Arizona Tile location (wink) you both will get two different slabs that are not identical and thus will have two different looks in your home.

Why Purchase More Tile Than My Estimated Square Ft?

Because of this unique quality of natural stones like marble, travertine, granite, onyx and slate, buying more tiles than you need ensures that you match up the color of the tiles as much as possible. Darker or lighter sections of the area that you are tiling might not look appealing to the eye.

This is also the reason why, when you are shopping for granite slabs for a countertop, you need to look for a piece that is larger than you need or perhaps why you need to find two similar slabs with similar veining.

Many slabs are book-matched, meaning slab one and two are cut and polished to create a mirror image of each other. Large sections of veining can change the overall color of the stone, which is something to consider if you are going for cream and the veining is making the slab or tile look more peach than cream.

Slab Defects or Natural Beauty?

Vieux Monde French Limestone Flooring

Vieux Monde French Limestone Flooring

Veins, pits and fissures are a natural part of the stone and can sometimes make the slab more valuable.

While these characteristics need special care to maintain the stone, they should not be thought of as defects unless the stone has visible cracks from mishandling – another reason to purchase more than you need.

Go ahead and think of stone in unusual ways. Create walls, dividers or countertops that are backlit to create a beautiful glow.



Because stone is quarried all over the world, the minerals in those geographic areas create interesting colors and patterns that cannot be created anywhere else.

Each stone is more beautiful than the next. So choose natural stone to create a unique look in your home that no one else can possibly have. Before you get started, try out our Just Imagine™ Visualizer Tool and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Showroom Showcase: Anaheim, CA on Lewis Street

Posted by in Anaheim Tile Showroom,Backsplash,Countertop,Granite Tile & Slabs | June 22, 2013
Anaheim California Arizona Tile

*Featured Image Above – Arizona Tile – Anaheim, CA Showroom

We recently caught up with manager Caroline Hulshof of our Anaheim, CA Tile Showroom on Lewis Street. We asked what makes this Arizona Tile location stand out from the competition. Here is an excerpt from that conversation.

Anaheim California Arizona Tile-Showroom

Anaheim California Arizona Tile-Showroom

Tell us a little bit about your Arizona Tile branch and what sets you apart from other tile stores in your area.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff offers great customer service! We take pride in referrals from repeat customers and their friends. Because we are a distribution center we are able to offer customers the opportunity to view current stock of stone and porcelain tiles, as well as the ability to purchase the same day.

We also offer architects and designers special order selections, including larger sizes, in stone and porcelain. In addition, we have the opportunity to view potential new products and offer our opinions. We have a brand new slab yard where customers can view our large selection of slabs both indoors and outdoors.

What type of product trends have you noticed lately within your area?

Here in the Orange county area, we see a range of design styles from traditional to contemporary but have a lot of customers looking for a fresh take on a classic look; something timeless. To achieve this look they are using a combination of glass and stone stacks, mosaics, and subway tiles for backsplash materials. For their floors, many customers are also seeking out the larger format tiles and rectangular tiles and stones. Most still prefer a granite countertop, but we have seen an increasing interest in our quartzite and Samsung Radianz Quartz slabs.

What kind of special orders does your store see?

When it comes to special orders, we see a range of glass, stone, and larger sized tiles being ordered. We also have continual interest in our custom medallion program.

Has anyone in your store received an excellent customer service recommendation from any customers?

As we always strive for outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction, we regularly receive comments from our customers expressing their gratitude for the help and time we give them in our showroom.

We also receive emails from happy customers:
Hi Caroline, My big tile remodeling project will be underway on Wednesday. This has much to do with you. My contactor, Dean Atkins with Atkins Tile and Stone, had nothing but praise for you. He said your ability to expedite the tile delivery and good communication were superb. So, a big thanks from me. Steve VamVaketis

Natalie, Thank you so much for your detailed note…you were a delight to work with and I appreciate all you are doing to make my bath the one I dream of having. Thank you and your manager for your kindness and prompt response. Sincerely, Debbie

Do you have any customer success pictures of before and after we can share?

Absolutely! Here is a recent kitchen renovation that features a backsplash using our Rustic Gold Stackstone.

KitchenBefore Arizona Tile

Kitchen Before Arizona Tile


Backsplash: Rustic Gold Stackstone

Backsplash: Rustic Gold Stackstone









And here is a recent renovation where the homeowners used our Madrid Red Porcelain and Seville series as an accent.

Madrid Red Porcelain Seville Series Accent Arizona Tile

Madrid Red Porcelain Seville Series Accent Arizona Tile


 Next time you’re in Anaheim, California – be sure to stop in at Arizona Tile and let our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff help you design and find the tile style which fits your lifestyle, and your budget.







Kitchen Backsplash Tile Trends: Boost the Value of Your Home

Posted by in Backsplash,Glass Tiles,Kitchen Tile & Slab Projects,Natural Stone,Travertine Tile & Slabs | May 25, 2013
Kitchen Backsplash with Watercolors Glass Tile
Kitchen Tile Backsplash Alexandria Tumbled Travertine and Medici Bronze Orion

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Alexandria Tumbled Travertine and Medici Bronze Orion

There are projects that instantly add value to your home and some are bigger than others. When it comes to your kitchen what can you do that doesn’t involve tens of thousands of dollars in renovations yet will instantly add value and freshen the look?

We are talking backsplashes! Homeowners have so many choices for tiles – natural stone, large format, subway tiles and mosaics. They all are hot in 2013 and will add instant pizzazz to any kitchen.

The great thing, is that even the most reluctant DIY’er can handle installation with a little research. A new backsplash is relatively easy to install. Homeowners can tackle this project on their own and it can be done in stages or over one weekend.

Depending upon your kitchen style, you can choose tile that is modern or traditional or somewhere in between. Even Mosaics can run the gamut of traditional to modern. Have an older home from the 1930’s? Choose our Luxe Octagon Mosaics.

Is your home modern? Nothing is hotter and adds more sparkle than beautiful glass tile. Our beautiful Soho Glass Stone Stacks or Watercolors Glass are just the thing to make a statement in your modern kitchen.

For a more traditional home, consider some Alexandria tumbled stone with Medici Bronze accents. 

Of course, once you update that back splash those counter tops might look a bit dated… 😉


Consumer Tile Trends on Countertops and Backsplashes from Tempe

Posted by in Glass Tiles,Granite Tile & Slabs,Porcelain Tiles | March 14, 2013
Over Series in Cream

Mark Gershman, Outside Sales Representative for Arizona Tile in the Phoenix Area took the time to share the interior design trends that he’s seen recently in his region.

Natural Stone Finishes

Shiny is out, matte is in. Customers are asking for countertops that are matte/satin/brushed finished. There are many requests for soapstone, marble, and granite that are not polished—especially for higher-end homes. Higher-end clients do not want what everyone else has—they’re looking for more unique, original materials and surfaces.

Clients are requesting marble countertops for their kitchens though the material requires special care and maintenance. Clients have also been selecting two different colors for their kitchens; one for the perimeter and one for the island; the result is a custom-look piece of furniture in the center of the kitchen.  

Stacked Stone Backsplashes

Marron Cohiba Satin Golden Gate Stackstone

Marron Cohiba Satin Golden Gate Stackstone

Stacked stone and Fibra stacked are popular choices right now. Linear looks are doing well.  The fact that many of our stacked stones and glass mosaic sheets can be cut into three equal bands for listelles and bands, has helped drive sales; especially for backsplashes, tub decks, and shower surrounds. We have several series of stacked stone to choose from including:

Color Body Porcelain Tiles

Over Series in Cream

Over Series in Cream

Speaking of color body porcelain, the broad assortment of porcelain tile series we have means we have something for everyone. Customers who had stone/marble in their previous homes are opting for porcelain because it’s easy to clean and maintain, and is more resistant to scratches and cracks than natural stone, wood or other materials.  Updated technology in tile production has resulted in outstanding color, shading, and design never seen before.

  • Nu Travertine sells well in our region because the variation and detail is excellent.
  • Wood-looks are doing very well—Over Series will be a home-run for us. There is no other wood-look like Over on the market and our clients are amazed by its striking clarity, color, and variation. The ability to offer this series with pattern options make this a best-seller. Our clients continue  to order Misingi in large volume; the texture and color tones offer a warm and inviting wood look without the challenges of maintaining real wood—scratching, fading, warping, ability to use in wet areas (especially kitchens and baths) and the scourge of termites.
  • Large-format tile is a big trend—we’re getting many requests for 24×24 and even larger. Clients are finally comfortable putting large format tile in small spaces, including baths. 12x24s in showers has been doing well.
  • Tile as wainscoting has done well.
  • Subway-style porcelain tile is very popular. The Subway-look is considered ‘classic’ and not a trend which gives this look longevity.
  • The cool earth tones—grey, taupe, moss, anything subtle that isn’t a primary or earth-tone color is frequently requested.

Cabinet Colors & Natural Stone Countertops

Cabinet choices are trending much lighter. White or off-white are more popular choices now. Dark espresso is another popular cabinet color choice and coordinates well with today’s color palette. Customers request marble or granite countertops to complement that look. For residential projects, the following granite slabs are preferred:

Many production homebuilders offer customers granite colors that are warm and easy to colorize with including Venetian Gold, Juparana St. Cecilia, Giallo Santo, Giallo Cream, Café Cream, Giallo Portofino, and Tahoe Brown.

Glass Tile

Glass and glass blends sales continue to be strong though some clients express concern that glass tile is trendy and could go out of style quickly. Glass is popular when applied strategically or subtly. Clients use glass as ‘jewelry’ to dress up other materials; the results are pleasing and tasteful.

Customers are more comfortable now mixing man-made materials with natural stones. Installing porcelain and glass with tumbled or honed natural stone enhance each other’s beauty; the results are a custom look that not is only original but is also budget and design-friendly.

This opens up new and limitless possibilities in decorating that have yet to be discovered. For more ideas and to learn about what trends will stand the test of time, as well as how to make your decorating budget accomplish more, stop into an Arizona Tile showroom near you.

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